Lucky Leo

Lucky Leo cover5-inches wide by 8-inches tall, hard cover, heavily illustrated with B&W sketches.
Lucky Leo

Once a proud and independent game dog, a German Shorthaired Pointer finds himself abandoned by his owner. Surviving as best he can, the desperate sporting dog finds his way to caring people who are determined to help the unfortunate animal.

Leo's new human friends hope to find the dog a caring owner where Leo can give and receive affection. The well-meaning rescuers, however, are in no position to keep Leo.

So who will provide a permanent home for this pointer, whose rare hunting skills are unknown to his new human friends?

Will the newly named Leo fulfill his promise and regain his pride and courage as a hunter?

"Becker skillfully weaves an argument for more responsible dog ownership with the intriguing world of sporting dogs. A meaningful and at the same time entertaining book for animal lovers
of all ages."

—Darl DeVault, Executive Editor
Distinctly Oklahoma Magazine

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