The Search for Paradise: A Book for Dog Lovers

book coverA fictionalized portrayal of two real dogs’ struggles for a home. Sensitively illustrated.
The Search for

Separated from her puppies by a cruel farmhand, the grieving Brittany pointer Dixie comes to the aid of a traumatized English pointer puppy. The sad little pup’s deceased mother had been Dixie’s best friend.

Dixie vows to her lost friend that she will take good care of her orphaned puppy. Leaving behind the farm that had brought them so much suffering, the two dogs embark on a journey that Dixie says will lead “to a better place...a wonderful place...Paradise.”

Can Dixie fulfill her pledge to take good care of the vulnerable puppy? Will they ever find the wonderful home that Dixie calls Paradise?

Journey with these two dogs to find answers in this beautifully illustrated book.

This book is for dog lovers of all ages.

"I love it! It’s part thriller, part sad, part uplifting. It caught my attention
from the get-go and kept it until the end."
Marilyn King, publisher
TulsaPets Magazine & OKC Pets Magazin

"This book is a delightful read, with beautiful and sensitive illustrations. It’s story is timeless as is the appeal for readers."
Brenda Aloff, pet behavior counselor and author of
Canine Body Language: Aggression in Dogs and Others

"A captivating story and example of how dogs need people to understand and have the patience necessary for time and loving care that will rebuild their trust."
Barbara Lewis, Listen Up Pup Canine Training

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