Jack the Freedom Dog

book cover11.25-inches wide by 9.25-inches tall, hard cover, illustrated with humorous color sketches.
Jack the Freedom Dog

Short and stocky, Jack has a schnauzer mug and and a fierce pride for his freedom and independence. Living the good life in the dilapidated remains of an abandoned henhouse, Jack roams the neighborhood with his “posse”—two adventurous dogs named Dug and Vicious.

After a tense encounter, Jack develops a guarded relationship with a cat named Crooked Tail, a fighting feline with an aggressive reputation. Later, a desperate Crooked Tail calls upon the surprised Jack for help when a dire situation arises.

Jack responds immediately to aid his feline friends when he sees the tragedy about to unfold. The dog's ready support with help from his canine friends saves the day and provides Jack with new insight into the power of friendship.

"June Simmons has authored a warm and welcoming book that youngsters and adults alike will treasure. Its narrative will bring a glow to every human heart. "

Dr. Robert Reising,
Professor Emeritus, University of N. Carolina and author of Chasing Moonlight

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