The Saga of Buddy Payless

book coverA fictionalized account of how a champion sporting dog learns to care about others. Well illustrated.
The Saga of
Buddy Payless

A cocky, young English Pointer destined for greatness in the world of quail hunting has little tolerance or interest in others—whether human or his own dog companions.

But on his way to stardom in the world of game dogs, the talented bird dog suffers a cruel setback at the hands of heartless dog thieves. The little pointer learns to care about more than himself as he tries to make sense of a new world where he is no longer in control of his fate.

Can he find his way back to the familiar world of quail hunting, caring owners, and trusty companions?

Or will he wander in life, never fulfilling his destiny as a champion sports dog?

"Pat Becker scores again with her unique insight into the feelings and emotions of dogs fighting to survive in a world controlled by people..."

—Darl DeVault, Executive Editor
Distinctly Oklahoma Magazinee

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