Bodacious Bo: The Pound Prince

book coverA fictionalized portrayal of a real sporting dog's struggle to fulfill his destiny. Well illustrated.
Bodacious Bo:
The Pound Prince

Crossbred between English and German Shorthaired pointers, precocious puppy Bodacious Bo appears destined for fame in the world of field-trial champions.

But misfortune strikes, pushing young Bo into a harsh world far different from the life he had been groomed for.

He finds himself in the unforgiving world of nature where his instinctive skills as a sporting dog will be used for survival.

Fate returns him to the complicated world of people, where he searches for a “forever home” and to fulfill his destiny as a champion in the world of sporting dogs.

Before his destiny is fulfilled, young Bo finds himself in another world foreign to his breeding, a world of homeless dogs in a shelter.

This book is for dog lovers of all ages.

"It kept me on the edge of my seat from page one and didn’t let go until I was finished. A captivating read for all dog lovers; it’s a bittersweet tale of adventure, loss, and love. The illustrations are charming!"
Marilyn King, publisher
TulsaPets Magazine & OKC Pets Magazin

"This book may target young-adult readers, but it has an appeal to dog lovers of all ages. Once you begin the journey with Bodacious Bo, you’ll want to see it through to the end. You’ll smile, you’ll hurt, you’ll hope—and hopefully you’ll understand."
Brenda Aloff, pet behavior counselor and author of
Canine Body Language: Aggression in Dogs and Others

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