Bailey Beagle

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Beautifully illustrated story-poem; 11.25-inches wide by 9.25-inches tall, hard cover.

Bailey Beagle

REVIEW: Who could resist a warm, loving Beagle stray like Bailey? Certainly not the tenderhearted country squire in Pat Becker’s clever story-poem. This is another humorous tug at the heart strings by this noted author, entertainer, and pet lover extraordinaire!

             – Marilyn King, OKC Pets & Tulsa Pets magazines

This cleverly written story-poem reminds all pet owners how their beloved animals insinuate themselves into their owners' hearts. In this narrative, a soft-hearted keeper of a stray beagle named Bailey has no longterm plans to keep this visitor, but Bailey has set his heart on sticking around. The reader can just about figure out how this difference in plans will turn out—especially with a smart, cute dog like Bailey Beagle.

This tale of Bailey conquering the heart of his reluctant owner is aptly illustrated by Oklahoma artist/illustrator Mina Sadeghi, a frequent collaborator on other Pat Becker works. (open book sample below)

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